How to Post Your Photography on Instagram


Why not posting your favorite Hokkaido photos on Instagram to promote Hokkaido to the world?

  1. STEP 1

    Follow the official HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE Instagram account (@hokkaido_mirai_note).
  2. STEP 2

    Take photos of your favorite in Hokkaido — scenery, people and objects.
  3. STEP 3

    Hashtag your photo with #hmnote on Instagram.
Appealing photos will be shared on the official HOKAKIDO MIRAI NOTE Instagram and web sites. Excellent photos will appear on the website’s PICK UP page.
If your photo appears on the PICK UP, you will receive a notification on your Instagram account. Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Photography Release, fill in the consent form and send it back to the Webmaster. The photos will appear in a week or two, and there will be no notification.

HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE official Instagram

HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE Guidelines of Posting Photography

Posts available: From 10 September 2017 to 31 March 2021 (TBD) Photos wanted: Your favorite scenery/people/objects of Hokkaido, photographed in Hokkaido Note: (1) Please agree in advance on the HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE Terms of Use. (2) You cannot post photo if your Instagram account is set ‘private’.


  1. Photos, photo captions or photo author’s Instagram user names may be distributed on the HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE project (official and related websites) and on Hokkaido Government’s official Facebook/Twitter pages without prior notification.
  2. Photos may not appear on the website if they are irrelevant to the project theme, infringe on public order and standards of decency, violate third party’s rights or are deemed by the management office (“the manager”) inappropriate to appear on the website. The manager will not release any reason for such an action.
  3. The authors of posted photos must agree that they will not claim authorship.
  4. The manager assumes no responsibility whatever for any damages resulting from the infringement of third party’s publicity right or copyright caused by the photos posted.
  5. Posted photo must be photographed by its author.
  6. Composite photos are not permitted.
  7. Instagram posts with multiple images will not be reposted.
  8. The manager is not responsible for the photo authors’ Instagram or other SNS contents, or any troubles caused by such contents.


1. Management

The HOKKAIDO MIRAI NOTE project (“the project”) is managed by the Public Relations and Opinion Division, Department of Policy Planning and Coordination, Hokkaido Government (“the manager”). The project’s Instagram account (“Instagram”) is intended to provide the Internet users with information on attractions in Hokkaido.

2. Handling of Personal Information

The manager will handle personal information obtained through Instagram in accordance with the Personal Information Policy as provided for in the Hokkaido Government official website.

3. Reply to Users’ Comments

The manager will not reply to any given comments on the project. Enquiries and opinions to the manager will be sent to:

4. Reposting of Photography

The manager may repost the photography hashtaged on Instagram, provided that the photography:
    1. is not against public order and standards of decency or anti-social;
    2. does not violate or incite violation of the Japanese law, have an inappropriate purpose or incite an inappropriate behavior;
    3. is not related to the websites intended to damage the users’ benefit or including pornographic contents;
    4. does not violate the rights of Hokkaido Government or any other corporations;
    5. does not publicize false statements, contents different from the fact or rumors including the contents that will promote the rumors;
    6. does not promote political, election campaign, religious or any other similar activities;
    7. does not defame or disparage the Hokkaido Government or any other third parties, or harm the honor or confidence of such entities;
    8. is not intended for a profit purpose including advertisement, promotion, invitation or marketing; or
    9. is not deemed inappropriate to repost by the manager for any other reasons.

5. Disclaimer

The manager reposts Instagram photos with great care, though it does not mean that the contents guarantee their accuracy, integrity or usefulness. The manager will assume no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages caused by using Instagram. Contents are subject to change. The manager may change the Instagram management policy, renew the management method or terminate the service without prior notification.

Handling of Personal Information

The manager will use information provided solely for a correspondence purpose with regards to the project, and will not use it for any other purposes or disclose to the third party.